About Us



In 1978, brothers Vic and Tony Ciaccia received some rather startling news from their father: while at a sporting goods trade show in Chicago, he had purchased a screen-printing machine and an industrial belt dryer which would be delivered to Rochester in four weeks. When it arrived, the brothers and their friend Stan Krupa would become the owners of a textile imprinting business.

AVS Quality Textile Printing, Inc. went into operation in February 1979. Their first job ---200 pairs of nylon gym shorts with a one-color print on the leg---was for Xerox. It took the three partners all day and most of the night.

Thus began the story of the longest running screen printing business in Rochester. AVS Quality Textile Printing has been serving the needs of the local community for almost 40 years. And in those 40 years, the city of Rochester has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of global titans of industry like Xerox and Kodak making up the majority of the local economy. Rochester is now a small business city.

Small businesses require a different approach. American Vintage Screenprint is here to provide exactly that. After being part of the local community for 40 years, we have learned countless lessons and gained insight into the unique needs of the Rochester marketplace. American Vintage Screenprint's goal is to bring the benefits of this experience to the community and create lasting relationships with the myriad small businesses that make up the new Rochester.

By collaborating with like-minded companies, we hope to build these relationships that will allow us to provide high quality screen printed merchandise at a reasonable price. After honing our craft with clients large and small, such as the NBA, NFL, Kodak, Xerox, and others, we feel that we're uniquely positioned to bring any of your projects to life. With multiple creative professionals on staff, and a focus on hand crafted quality, and a 15,000 sq. ft. production facility, American Vintage Screenprint would love the opportunity to show you how we can be an asset to your small business.